Friday, 1 August 2014

Pubslush: More Than Just A Crowdfunding Platform For Books! - CrowdClan

Pubslush: More Than Just A Crowdfunding Platform For Books! - CrowdClan

Michael Ibberson: To set the framework for these questions, let’s start broadly with what interests you in self-publishing and crowdfunding.

Amanda Barbara:
Is everything too broad of an answer? The publishing industry in
general is changing so quickly and it’s fascinating to see how people
are adapting and practices are shifting along with this evolution. On
the other hand, crowdfunding is an emerging industry. If you think about
it, crowdfunding is still in infancy stages and I think its growth will
completely change the whole way businesses and projects are funded.
Crowdfunding is the way of the future and it’s so exciting to be a part
of this growing culture.

Michael Ibberson: Would
you recommend crowdfunding to first-time authors? If so, how can authors
establish a readership with no prior publications?

Amanda Barbara: Yes,
I would definitely recommend crowdfunding to first-time authors.
Crowdfunding is a resource that any author can use to mitigate the risks
that come with publishing a book.
Crowdfunding provides authors a risk-free way to build their reader
base before they publish. Although they may not have any prior
publications, first time authors can establish an audience and connect
with their readers on a more personal level, all while raising funds and
collecting pre-orders.