Thursday, 29 January 2015

How Crowdfunding Campaigns Acquire Product Endorsements

How Crowdfunding Campaigns Acquire Product Endorsements

Tips On Collecting Product Endorsements From Celebrities, Experts And Industry Leaders

Ever see logos at the bottom of a crowdfunding page? Many projects list sponsors, endorsers, reviewers and vendors to legitimize themselves. Yet gleaning such support can be challenging, especially sponsorships and endorsements. A product endorsement from a conglomerate or expert can accentuate a project’s authority insurmountably. It’s a form of validation all projects should strive for, so let’s explore how projects can acquire endorsements for upcoming campaigns.

Four Strategies For Attracting Product Endorsements

Project owners can solicit endorsements in a number of ways. With that said, it always begins with prospecting: without a list of potential validators, the search will prove futile. Try searching for endorsements within your industry and networks using the following strategies.