Monday, 15 September 2014

Leverage the Sources of an Equity Crowdfunding Portal

Leverage the Sources of an Equity Crowdfunding Portal

By Michael Ibberson of CrowdClan, a leading resource within the Crowdfunding industry.

Equity crowdfunding campaigns face boundless rules and regulations.
Compliancy in procedure and method, then, is crucial for the success of
an equity offering. Unfortunately, this is where many first-time
entrepreneurs get into trouble. As a relatively new industry, equity
crowdfunders still require some handholding. For this reason, always
examine the legal and financial services available before listing.
Ponder how these tools might enhance your campaign and strategize ways
to use the networks in place.

On-Site Equity Crowdfunding Services

Advisory services maintain standards of excellence among startups. In
effect, they add to a portal’s authority, reputation and value. From
legal aid to business development, projects need not worry about the
technical nature of crowdfunding, but rather on the business itself. At
truCrowd, project creators can visit the Deal Room
and consult experts in a variety of fields. In fact, issuers can stay
with Deal Room professionals from beginning to end, ensuring a
compliant, well-managed campaign from the start.