Sunday, 31 August 2014

Non-Profits LinkedIn: 6 Powerful Tips for Non-profits on LinkedIn! - CrowdClan

Non-Profits LinkedIn: 6 Powerful Tips for Non-profits on LinkedIn! - CrowdClan

5) Engage with your followers

You could increase engagement and trust with a rich and insightful
content. Try the 80/20 rule: four updates to benefit your followers with
useful information and news, for each one update asking for donations
to your non-profit projects.

Build your credibility by posting stories about the progress of your
mission, so that your supporters see the work that your non-profit has
done. Using a crowdfunding platform with deep social media integration
makes it easy to share your updates in images and videos, reach new
people and provide your cause with maximum visibility on LinkedIn. There
is no secret that using images results in more interaction and
engagement. Links to YouTube videos play directly in the LinkedIn feed
of your followers and on average double your donations and increase a
share rate.

The more people are familiar with your goals and projects, the more
likely they’ll share your updates, donate or volunteer to help you
achieve those. So keep posting and follow a regular schedule to spread a
word and drive engagement amongst your followers.

Don’t forget to send InMails out, asking for introductions and
recommendations, messages about announcements and news to your existing

6) Publish on LinkedIn

Publishing on LinkedIn is a great opportunity to raise brand
awareness and get discovered for your work, projects and results. You
can write about your challenges, most memorable experiences and
projects, or causes your non-profit is passionate about. Your posts will
be added to your personal profile, shared with your connections and
followers, and might reach a broader audience of people in your

High-quality posts that contribute value to your industry might be
distributed beyond your connections and followers, through channels like
LinkedIn Pulse and
emails. Posts on LinkedIn are public and searchable both on and off
LinkedIn that might help your non-profit reach new people and get more

Right now LinkedIn is in the process of rolling this feature out to
all members. If you are able to publish articles, you will see a pencil
icon in the share box at the top of your homepage. It’s worth of using
if you have it.

All these activities together comprise the highest level of
communication and promotion you can make for your non-profit on
LinkedIn. Not all of the interactions will work out. However the key
point is that the more high-quality communication takes place, the
higher engagement rate with your non-profit, the stronger community of
advocates to raise money for your projects and causes.

Here Are My LinkedIn Tips For Non-Profits, feel free to share and add your own or connect with me on LinkedIn for further advice or input.