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Joanna Ramon is a True Crowdfunding Hero. - CrowdClan

Joanna Ramon is a True Crowdfunding Hero. - CrowdClan

Joanna Ramon is a True Crowdfunding Hero.

Written by Joanna Ramon a Crowdfunding Hero

Hello my name is Joanna Ramon,

I am a young adult with goals just like you! Growing up in a small
town, with parents who work their butts off to put food on the table in
order to pay our bills it can be very hard as I rarelygofundme see them and feel guilty knowing they are doing this for me.

There are positives to the situation as I have had to grow up fast, I
learned to become independent and responsible from a very young age.
Since I was a little girl I would always find ways to make an extra
dollar or two so I could help them out and spend more time with my
family. I know now that the extra money I brought in did not help, but
they always made me feel like I had just paid the months rent.

Both my mom and dad have worked hard for me to get a good education,
taught me how to become a good person and always help my people in my
community, they always told me we to help others because there are
people in far worse situations then us.

Everything they taught me has helped me receive a scholarship, I
thank them for showing me how to work hard always love one another and
care people you do not know. I am now taking college courses and am
having a hard time paying for basic supplies such as gas to get to and
from school. I work a part-time job at a locale restaurant called
Freddy’s my parents help me whenever they can as they always have, but I
am still coming up short.

crowdfunding hero

I am asking you to help me get through college so I can achieve my
dream, of becoming a human resource worker so I can help others get
better jobs, give them advice when going through a rough time and do my
best to help hard working parents and children so they do not have to
live the same life as myself.

Eventually I would like to visit third world countries and teach
students and adults how to manage the little money they have while
staying positive and bond as a family no matter how hard things are. We
are lucky we have opportunity’s available to us even when poor or

I am inviting you to become part of the bigger picture, I am not only
asking you to invest in me but be apart of the of every person I will
help on my journey of making a positive impact on peoples lives from
across the world. This is my passion, dream, just believe in me, I am
going to make it and nothing will stop me.

Every dollar helps, for just one dollar you will put me on the path
to changing lives. If you cannot spare a dollar please share my campaign
to family and friends I appreciate every little bit of support I get.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my story.

The team at CrowdClan would like to thank Joanna Ramon for sharing
this incredible story with us, she is truly a crowdfunding hero to
support this Yong women on a mission follow the link below.